Adventist Community Services is about sympathizing with and helping those who are poor, discarded, oppressed, less fortunate, hungry, cold, disabled, homeless, jobless, hopeless and/or depressed.

Toronto Central Community Services Mission

To serve the poor and hurting in our local communities

Toronto Central Community Services Vision

Consistently deliver services that include help for the poor, health screening and health education for community residents, targeted community programs (health fairs, cooking / sewing classes, etc.), assistance to homeless shelters, food assistance for disadvantaged families (low income, single parent, new immigrant), personal growth and development programs for children and youth (Adventurer and Pathfinder Clubs).

Toronto Central Community Services Values

  • Have genuine concern for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of men, women and children
  • Exercise compassion, empathy and sympathy for those who are experiencing difficult times
  • Support local communities / residents through projects that are planned and implemented collaboratively
  • Work through mutually beneficial community partnerships to acquire capacity and professional expertise and financial / in-kind support

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